Aphaenogaster beccari

not available right now – instead: Polyrhachis dives (weaver ant)

This is an active ant from Southern Asia. They lives in tropical rainforests. They have long legs and run very fast, so need a good escape prevention. They are very tolerant for each other, cooperate well. This species sensitive for colder temperature. 
Colonyform:                    Monogyne
Queen:                               8mm / blackish brown
Worker:                             5 – 6mm / blackish brown, legs red
Nutrition:                         honey and insects
Airhumidity:                   Arena: 30 – 50% Nestpart: 50 – 70%
Temperature:                  Arena: 18 – 28°C Nestpart: 21 – 24°C
Hibernation:                    no
colonysize:                       up to 10.000 individuals
For beginners:        ★★✩✩✩