Tetraponera rufonigra

65€     –     Queen with brood
Very spectacular, active and aggressive ant species! Their looks and behavior similar better for wasps, than ants. They have sting, and their pick really hurts, just like the wasp-pick. Need good escape prevention and should keep them very carefully. They live in wood at the nature, so they climb up branches and objects very well. They use big areas and hunt really successfully with their strong sting and hard poison.
Lay many eggs if they get enough protein, so easy to grow a big colony from this species.
Colonyform:                    monogyne
Queen:                              12-15 mm / head and abdomen black, thorax red
Worker:                             10–12 mm / head and abdomen black, thorax red
Nutrition:                         honey (sugar) and insects 
Arena humidity:            60 – 70%
Nest humidity:               60 – 80% 

Arena temperature:      21-30°C
Nest temperature:         24–28°C 

Hibernation:                   no
Colonysize:                      300-500 workers
For begginers:        ★★★★✩
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