Camponotus mitis

not available right now – instead: Polyrhachis dives (weaver ant)
It is a Japanese species, which is slim and longish. Big colonies might be aggressive. This species is mainly distributed in Asia’s southern areas. It’s nests are between stones on  glades and in dry wood/logs, soil nests are common as well. It is rather timid and easily frightened, yet large colonies can be agressive. Just a bit upset, it is scattering and escaping criscross – it can run quite fast. Sometimes it’s even jumping away a few centimetres while being upset. This is very interesting characteristics of this species.
Colonyform:                   Monogyne
Queen:                              14 – 16mm / blackish brown, bulky thorax
Worker:                            8 – 10mm / blackish brown
Soldier:                             not present
Nutrition:                        Honey and insects
Airhumidity:                   Arena: 30 – 50% Nestpart: 50 – 70%
Temperature:                 Arena: 21 – 35°C Nestpart: 24 – 28°C
Hibernation:                   no
colonysize:                    up to  a few 100 Individuals
Queen can live up to 10 years
For begginers:        ★★★✩✩