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The most important thing to us is our costumer’s success!

Here you can buy everything for the ant keeping: healthy queens, colonies, modern formicariums, tools, safety deliver, and..

…Much more!

  • We makes how-to ant videos on our youtube page, in order to give you every information for the success ant keeping!
  • We develop our ant farms years ago, and we are finding out new ideas continously. Thanks to this – our brand, the FormiKIT could be one of the most suitable formicariums to ant keeping. You can check them here.

On our ant store you can order and buy ants. This is a real online shop, we sale ant colony, sale queens from different species. All ant species what we sale has their own site with pictures or videos. In the descriptions you can read more informations and interesting facts about ants, like size, habitat, colonyform and nutrition.

If you find your queen on our site, bought your own colony, and house them, you can observe how ants live, and what they do in their everyday life. In the farm they forageing, collect foods, moving and do lots of interesting actions. You will see there are lots of different types of ants. There are brave and shy species. Bigs and spectecular, and also small and cooperative species. If your colony old enough – flying ants will appear for the nuptrial flight.

They are one of the most interesting insects in the world, and you can keep them in an ant farm, on your table. We already sent ants to UK, France, Germany, Belgium, and other European countries.
So check our antsite, and find your own colonies!

Do you have more questions? Ask on facebook, or write e-mail (antshungary@gmail.com).

Thanks for the reading, and have fun on our antsite! 🙂