Lasius paralienus

20€     –      Queen with 10-25 workers

Easy to keep, the colony develop very fast. Lasius paralienus is a very tough and resourceful ant. Good for beginners. This species seems to be the main host for Lasius balcanicus
Colonyform:                    monogyn
Queen:                               9 mm / blackish brown, legs darkbrown, mandibles reddish brwon
Worker:                             2,5 – 3,5 mm / black with light brown shimmer
Nutrition:                         honey (sugar) and insects (meat)
Arena humidity:            30 – 50%
Nest humidity:               50 – 60%

Arena temperature:     18 – 28°C
Nest temperature:        21 – 24°C

Hibernation:                  yes, from end of October 4-5 months
Founding:                       claustral (without feeding)
Colonysize:                     a few 1000 workers
For beginners:        ★★★★★