Manica rubida

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Big sized, attractive, bit aggressive ant species. Manica rubida is an active hunter, they have sting so they can also kill bigger insects. From the founding they should eat much insect food to help the colony develop well. If you start with single queen, she need protein to laying eggs. In the nature she goes out from the nest to hunting (semiclaustral). They can prick you, when they felt under pressure (similary like stinging-nettle). Prefer a highly moistened nests. Bigger colonies can become polygyn.
Colonyform:                     monogyne, secondary polygyn
Queen:                               9,5 – 13 mm /shiny reddish brown
Worker:                             6 – 9mm / reddish or redbrown
Nutrition:                         mainly insects (meat) also honey (sugar)
Arena humidity:            30 – 50%
Nest humidity:               50 – 70%
Arena temperature:     18 – 28°C
Nest temperature:        21 – 24°C
Hibernation:                  yes, 4-5 months in 5-8°C
Founding:                       semiclaustral (with feeding)
Colonysize:                     few 1000 workers
Egg to worker:              8-12 weeks (depends from temperature and food)
For beginners:              ★★★★★

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