Messor structor – harvester ant

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Very spectacular ant species, and also easy to keep, recommend for beginners.  Polymorph species, they have minor media and major workers. They eat all kind of seeds, like: wheat, sesame, millet, oat, barley, grass seed, poppy seed, etc. They prefer walnut much! Because of they nutrition and low moist-demand, Messor a very clean species to keep in captivity. They sensitive for vibration and strong lights.
Colonyform:                    polygyne, polymorph
Queen:                               9,5 – 10,5 mm / shiny black
Worker:                             4 – 9,5mm / shiny black; major’s head reddish brown
Nutrition:                         seeds and insects
Arena humidity:            30 – 50%
Nest humidity:               50 – 70%

Arena temperature:     25 – 30°C
Nest temperature:        21 – 26°C

Hibernation:                  yes, 3 months  at 10 – 15°C 
Founding:                       claustral (without feeding)
Colonysize:                     up to 10.000 workers
        Queen can live 25 years! 
For beginners:        ★★★★★
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