We develop our formicariums years ago. FormiKIT is our brand, and we continously find out new solutions and methods to make them more suitable for ant keeping. Let me introduce you our main developments:

Nest fom layers:

The nest part build up from layers, so you can also keep smaller ants in smaller chambers with less layers, or big ants with all layers. These layers have got another function. If there are too much water in the moister sponges, the water can flow down between the layers, and won’t sluice the ants. 

Antibacterial moistering:

Most of the conventional moister systems has got two problems. They dry up too quick, or under some weeks they gets dirty or mould. This is a same problem-circle. In the FormiKIT our moister-sponges made from a special material. This is an anti-bacterial sponge, so the mould and other mushrooms can’t live on it. They build into the nestpart, and if you close the moister-hole with a small piece of tape, it will keep moister the formicarium up to 6 weeks! 


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThere is an escape-preventing edge on the top of our formicariums. The experienced antkeepers know what a big trouble could be if you have a big colony, but you don’t have escape-prevention. It helps much when you open the formicarium to feeding or cleaning.


Ants are also breathing, but not this is the first aspect why you need good ventilation in your formicarium. Our ventilator-systems advance the flowing of the fresh air inside the arena and the nest. It dries up them, and stop the bacterium’s and mushroom’s extend between the foods. Usually we use small ventilation holes, or frequent nets which let through the air, but contain all sized ants. 

Why acrylic?

Hygiene is very important in the antkeeping! Accryl and glass formicariums
are gives the cleanest livingspace to the ants. They dries up fast, you can clean them easily, and their glossy surface encumber the stick-down to the bacterials and mushrooms. With modern techniques like laser-cut and 3D-print we can make perfect fits between the parts. The  acrylic formicarium strong, massive and durable.

What about the natural looks?

You don’t have to stay acrylic ant farms empty. You can also furniture their arena-parts as you want. berendezes-2This is one of our costumer’s FormiKIT midi ant farm with a colony of Messor structors (click the picture to see bigger). 


Our formicaiums:

FormiKIT mini formicarium
FormiKIT mini XL







FomriKIT Midi
FormiKIT antropolis