Polyrhachis illaudata (weaver ant)

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Very ingenious and resourceful ants! They use big areas, and easily find all the foods what you gives them – so they recommend for beginners. They can climb glass and objects very well – needs a good escape prevention. They often build their nests on the ground level and use their larvae to spin of the nest.
Colonyform:                    Polygyne
Queen:                              14-15 mm / silver-black big and strong
Worker:                            10 – 12mm / silver-black
Nutrition:                        honey and insects 
Arena humidity:           50 – 70%
Nest humidity:              50 – 80% 

Arena temperature:    28- 30°C night: 24 – 28°C
Nest temperature:       28 – 30°C 

Hibernation:                 no
Colonysize:                    up to a few 1.000 individuals
For beginners:        ★★★★★