Aphaenogaster subterranea


This species is very suitable for keeping in formicarium. Their colony develop fast in captivity so recommend for beginners. They usually build their nests in soil, and also in rotten wood.
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Colonyform:                    monogyne
Queen:                               7 – 8mm / amberbrown
Worker:                             3 – 4,7mm / amberbrown
Soldier:                              not present
Males:                                4 – 4,5mm / shiny yellowish brown
Nutrition:                         honey and insects
Airhumidity:                   arena: 30 – 50% nest: 50 – 70%
Temperature:                 arena: 18 – 28°C nest: 21 – 24°C
Hibernation:                   yes, 3 or 4 mounth in 15°C
founding:                         claustral (without feeding) 
colonysize:                       up to a few 1.000 individuals
For beginners:        ★★★★★


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