Camponotus truncatus – gatekeeper-ant


Camponotus truncatus or Colobopsis truncata – they also known as doorkeeper or gatekeeper ant. This species usually live in dead wood. Polymorph species, has minor and major workers. The majors and the queen has flat head to close and protect the nest-entry with it. Easy to keep, recommend for beginners.
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Colonyform:                    monogyn
Queen:                               6 – 7mm / head flat red, similar to major worker
Worker:                             3 – 6mm / head and thorax red, gaster black with yellow dots
Nutrition:                         honey (sugar) and insects (meat)
Arena humidity:            30 – 50%
Nest humidity:               50 – 60%

Arena temperature:     18 – 30°C
Nest temperature:        21 – 28°C

Hibernation:                  yes, 4-5 months in 5-8°C
Founding:                       claustral (without feeding) 
Colonysize:                     up to 500 workers
For beginners:        ★★★✩✩


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